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Cow Meat Sharing

Our Cow meat sharing provides an opportunity to everyone to get a portion of our wholesome beef
With this opportunity, you can get farm-fresh meat immediately it is slaughtered.
Each cow slaughtered, is shared among 18 people who indicate interest. The slaughtering is done neatly in an abattoir, and the meat is packaged and delivered to your home.

Stress free!!

How It Works

The Cow is selected

Cow is Selected

The cow to be slaughtered is selected from our ranch

Meat Sharing opened to public

Meat Sharing opened to public

We then launch the opportunity and call for interested individuals to place their orders

First 18 people selected

First 18 people selected

Once we have received orders from 18 people, the sharing is closed and the cow is moved to the abattoir for slaughtering.

Get your share delivered

Get your share delivered

After slaughtering the cow, the meat is neatly packaged and then delivered to the address indicated by each person.

Interested? Hurry! Place your order now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people share one cow?

A total of 18 people will share one cow

How much is each portion?

Each portion of beef goes for N10,200 and comes with a free bottle of palm oil* (the free palm oil offer is valid while designated stock lasts)

How many KG can I expect to get in one portion?

Each portion averages between 6kg – 8kg of beef and 2kg of intestines. Kindly note that the beef is delivered boneless

How is the meat cut?

The meat is cut using the “ponmo method’. In this method, the skin is separated from the beef while it is cut. This doesn’t mean that there would be no more skin in the meat delivered. Rather, the customer would then get both the meat and the skin (ponmo) but separately.

Can I order only specific parts for my portion?

Each portion has the different cow parts so that each customer gets a part of the different portions – as a result we do not accept orders for specific parts

How much is delivery?

Cost of delivery across Lagos is set at N900 only

How long does it take from payment to delivery

Date of slaughtering is dependent on how quickly the slots are all taken up. Given that our beef is delivered fresh, all slots have to be taken up before we proceed to the slaughtering. Based on previous slaughtering, this usually takes between 3-5 days

Is the beef fit for consumption by Muslims? (HALAL)

Yes it is, the slaughtering is done by professional butchers who ensure that the meat is halal

Where is this service available?

For now, our meat sharing service is available in just Lagos. We will keep you updated as it becomes available in other states

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