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Important Notice For Affiliates

There are terms and conditions for clients who would like to be part of our affiliate system.

    1. The affiliate gets up to 5% on every sale resulting from each identified visitor from your website or using your unique Affiliate Link.
    2. The affiliate may choose to withdraw their earnings and can do so by sending a request to, stating his/her username. The affiliate may decide however to keep the money in the system as store credit and use it to place orders.
    3. Money withdrawn by the affiliate will be paid within a week via bank transfer into any bank account in Nigeria.
    4. Money withdrawn would be paid to an account with the name of the affiliate.
    5. Two or more affiliate accounts cannot be combined.
    6. You cannot refer yourself.
    7. If your referral cancels his/her order and asks for a refund, you will have to refund any commission paid by FarmAgric, within 15 days. Otherwise, it will be deducted from your returns in your account or the next payment.
    8. Ensure that your Affiliate Link is setup properly to qualify for commissions, as this allows FarmAgric to identify or track visitors originating from you.
    9. Management reserves the right to approve or deny affiliate applications
    10. An affiliate shall not parade him/herself as being a staff of FarmAgric. Any affiliate found doing such shall be suspended and his/her earnings shall be revoked.
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